27 February, 2014

From Valencia to the UK, via Cardiff

The other day, reading Greg's blog -one of my inspirations at the moment- I just realised of a little nuance.

: http://vimeo.com/49854492


 The world could sometimes be awesome although we are drinking this multi-coloured nonsense that is life.

 "Now I'm ready." (But not really)

11 February, 2014

A thought on what’s yet to come

"Your brain is as dry as the remainder biscuit after voyage."
(As You Like It)

And so it is my brain.
Writing my final degree dissertation is a tough work. I would like to say the rest is easier, but it just isn't. Anyway I find it rewarding in some way, although I don't have many time to write here... oh, well. I will come back, as always.

In the meantime you can visit my twitter, as it is updated more frequently.


"Thine face is not worth sunburning."
(Henry V)

Alien smile ::) .