12 May, 2014

May is a Lonely Rush

Four phones online, they probably aren't.
24m since last connection. Kk. 
Some of them still. Am I even idle?
Of course I am. Or nobody cares.

Some people do, persons don't. 
You know how this chat business works. Sure.
Spammers. Are people looking for something...?
Amusing to do. Or whatever.

Empty moments. Data fly.
Under the myriad of statuses. Updates.
Second by second, everything changes. 
Anything new. Or alike.

Meanwhile. My Critical Reader. 
Rests on the linen. Dull.
'Pay me attention, I'll be long
but I won't be endless.' Nor would us.

P. V.


First draft from a personal brain storm. I have to improve it, though.

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