19 November, 2014


"A veces imagino lo maravilloso que sería que me llamases sólo porque sí, simplemente como alguien que tiene sed y bebe un vaso de agua, pero eso ya sé que es pedirte demasiado, nunca finjas conmigo una sed que no sientas."—José Saramago, El Hombre Duplicado.

He was just drifting slowly off when Maria da Paz came and whispered in his ear, How wonderful it would be if you were to phone me just because you felt like it. She would probably have said the rest of the sentence too, but he had already got out of bed, pulled on his dressing gown over his pajamas and was dialing her number. Maria da Paz asked Is that you, and he replied, Yes, it’s me, I was thirsty and I’ve come to ask for a glass of water.' —José Saramago, The Double.

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