08 December, 2013

The Christmas Flavour Concept.

Staring each other from the top of nowhere.
Could even be in nowhere?

How many souveninrs do I keep? How many still to go?
Last night I travelled as a picture. Wearing flesh.
And I did lost all the mega pixels and the measurements of your bedding pack.

How much did it cost to see each other? In time measures, please.
And at the next morning I need to cheer up you cause I couldn't be bothered last night.
Well, in fact I was, but too late.

Silent cinema. Genius hidden in people with grandeur delusions.
(Yeah, Byron and Wilde, I won't forget that).

Concealed are the greatest anyway.
Reading again and again the same caption of the journal pages.

They are being researched again.
Researched again.

But even if the 
Crystal Palace hangs over Bleak House, it is, of course, not in it.

The Christmas spirits are not the same everywhere. So does it change the Christmas flavor.

Do I taste like Christmas, Sir?

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